Stores Offering Buy Now Pay Later TV’s in the UK

If you think buying a television set can be expensive then think again because great online stores have great payment options to offer that can make buying a television set seem cheap, if not reasonable. Buy now pay later schemes are incredibly common these days, and a variety of stores offer the best of these schemes, so you can choose the one that suits you the best!

Various stores offer various schemes under which you can buy these television sets, there are stores which will allow you to avail the product without paying as much as a penny, and start paying within a month or two post the purchase, the repayments can then be made within a period of 12 months, this period is usually interest free, however extending it beyond this period may lead to chargeable interest rates.

There are also weekly payment schemes that can be availed, which means that you can buy a television set for about £10 a week, and you can spread the payment over about 40 to 42 weeks , and be the proud owner of a great new television set way before you could save enough to buy it in one go. A good idea would be to check the payment options that the store offers, along with the interest chargeable, because sometimes the interest per annum can be as high as 30% and that can sting a bit, so it would be better if you looked up the interest per annum and even the representative APR for that matter which in some cases is as high as 35.9%

The breakup of payments is usually quite simple and affordable, but the key is to not miss the fine print either, so that you can afford the best with no glitches. So choose your perfect payment plan online and by the TV of your dreams.