Smart TVs On Great Buy Now Pay Later Offers

Looking for the best place to buy a new Smart TV on credit and spread the cost? Well look no further you can buy now and pay later on a number of TV’s using our Shop Now section. Smart TVs are appliances that every modern house should have. Owning a Smart TV allows families to surf the net using their TV and use things like catch up and Netflix which require an Internet connection for your TV. But at prices like £800, they might be hard for everyone to own. This is why you should consider Very, Lookagain or Littlewoods for your Smart TV shopping. These sites offer something called Buy Now Pay Later that allows you to buy your Smart TV now and pay for them in installments over a period of time. A close look at Littlewoods showed that the store allows users to buy TVs and pay for them in weekly installments as low as £4. At these prices, everybody can own Smart TVs and it won’t seem so expensive. The store has a variety of TVs to choose from as well. Check out Lookagain and Very if what you are looking for is paying for a TV in monthly installments. This works out to about £50 a month. Very offers long no-interest periods, longer than Lookagain and Littlewoods. A no-interest period is when no interest is charged on payments made during this time. But be aware that other costs might be built into it.

To qualify for buy now pay later options, you need to be 18 years of age or above and submit adequate proof of ID and address.  Also required is proof of income. This helps the store people to determine how much you can pay every month or week without it being an inconvenience. Smaller the installments, the longer you’d take to pay it off. This might result in payments extending beyond the no-interest period.