Buy Now Pay Later Schemes On A 50’’ TV!

50 inch TV’s are becoming the most popular choice of screen size for the family room, so buy now pay later is avaliable on all 50 inch and above TV now. 50 inch televisions that cost £500 can be hard to buy, but at Very and Gimmitech you can get one by paying for them in monthly installments. First create an account at the website where you want to make your purchase. Choose what you want to buy and opt to buy now and pay later at the time of payment. This is when you will be asked to furnish proof of age (you need to be 18 years or above to make a purchase), address and income. The proof of income will help the store in finding an interest rate that is most suitable for you.

The standard interest rate at both stores is 38% and this will be built into the monthly installment. Check out the website for other costs built into the installment. The stores also have a no-interest period in which no interest will be charged to payments made during this time. Check out Gimmitech for a simpler shopping experience. Here, you get to choose to buy now and pay later right at the beginning so that you know if you’re approved or not for BNPL options. At Very, you might have to select what you want to buy and then wait to be approved, which is fairly simple to do.

Buy now pay later can be a great way to mend your credit history or build a new one. And you get to do that in baby steps. The stores will also work with you if you have difficulty making payments. Say you are still not comfortable making payments after the no-interest period, you can choose to spread the cost further but the interest added will have accumulated from the date of purchase.