48’’ TVs with Buy Now Pay Later Options

Spreading the cost of a new TV has never been easier with so many buy now pay later stores for UK customers to buy from. If your looking for a pay monthly 48 inch TV there are now a number of places to try so we though we would show you some of the best. Gimmitech and Very now have 48 inch TVs on sale that you can buy in installments. Interest is chargeable at 38% and will accumulate from the date of purchase and will be built into the installments. The store offers a no-interest period, effective from the date of purchase and will extend to a period decided by the size of the purchase. A minimum bill of £100 is needed to qualify for buy now pay later which is not hard to gather because you’re buying a 48 inch TV. A purchase of £200 or more means a no-interest period of 3 months, £300 or more gives a 6 month no-interest period and £600 gives 12 months. During this time, no interest will be charged to customers on payments. Check out the website to understand other costs that will be built into the price of the TV. The best way to pay it off would be to pay the minimum amount due every month which is £5 or 7%, whichever is greater.

The advantage that Gimmitech has over Very is that you get to choose to buy now and pay later right at the beginning rather than at the end at the time of payment. This way, you won’t have to go through the entire procedure and not be approved right when you’re almost done. Getting approved takes only a minute or two and involves you furnishing details like proof of age, address and income. This is will help in getting you an interest rate that suits your needs. Gimmitech asks that you do at least 16 hours of work a week, and be a resident of the UK for atleast 3 years to qualify for buy now pay later option.