Buy Now And Pay Later On 3D TVs From The Best Stores

Pay monthly on some of the best 3D TVs on the market place. Spread the cost of buying a 3D TV Now. 3D TVs form the cutting edge of home entertainment and certainly make watching television a highly enjoyable experience. Their prices range from £500 to £2000 it might be difficult to spend that much money in one go. Some people find it easier to pay for them in installments, monthly or weekly. Stores that offer such choices are Littlewoods, Very and Gimmitech. Littlewoods offers 3D TVs in weekly installments as low as £6, like for the Samsung 40 inch full HD LED 3D smart TV. Its original price is £800 and you can pay it off in 156 weeks at that rate.  A higher amount every week means you would be able to pay for it sooner and stay within the interest-free period. Pay £15 a week for 52 weeks or £40 a week for 20 weeks to ensure payments are interest free.

Most stores offer interest-free periods up to one year beyond which an interest of about 38% will be charged. This will accumulate from the date of purchase so you would do well to not leave payments beyond a year. At Gimmitech, monthly payments range from £37 to £60. For the LG32in LED 3D TV that costs £370, you’d have to pay £37 a month. At Very, you need to make minimum payments of at least £5 for your purchase every month. Your interest-free period depends on the size of the purchase. For a £130 purchase, you get 6 months interest-free, 9 months for £200 and 12 months for £300 or more. This shouldn’t be hard as 3D TVs usually cost at least £300.

Things that most stores ask for before you are approved for BNPL options include age proof that you are 18 years of age or above, proof of address and proof of income.